Can You Teach Golf Without Certification? Join InsideGOLF for only $20 - includes instant $20 Fairway Jockey credit! The More You Open the Clubface, the More You Use the Bounce GOLF DIGEST MAY EARN A PORTION OF SALES FROM PRODUCTS THAT ARE PURCHASED THROUGH OUR SITE AS PART OF OUR AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIPS WITH RETAILERS. You want the leading edge to dig a bit. At some level, the difference between an opening round 65 and a closing round 75 may not have been all that much. If your toes are pointed in too much, as if youre pigeon-toed, allow yourself more freedom by opening it up. Hole everything out and approach every shot the same way. If you slide excessively toward the target on the downswing or swing by demonstrating a reverse pivot (back foot finish), this drill is ideal for you. Most golfers would agree that hard bunkers make for more difficult shots, but they arent impossible. What are they? Now, hit the golf ball in front of you without moving your feet during the golf swing. This will help the club get into the sand before the ball so you avoid the club 'bouncing' on the sand pre-impact causing the thin strike. This will dictate your approach. As Harrington demonstrates in the video, the secret to making short work of fluffy lies is to open the clubface and expose the bounce as much as you like, then swing hard to help it get up in the air. But that doesnt mean there isnt a way to successfully navigate bunkers with too much sand. After firing a disappointing 75 en route to a runner-up finish, Brooks was gracious in defeat during his post-round press conference. On other courses often municipal courses or other facilities with modest budgets there may be very little sand, and the bottom of the trap may look like little more than dirt. Its a good idea to pay attention to the normal sand conditions on your home course. I sure as hell could use the money, but youre best served engaging in positive self-talk. This is the proper way to hit a bunker shot and the method that results in the most spin and control. The previous points only dealt with the specific challenges of a short bunker shot. Titleist TSi3 10* TPO 1K 60-TX If there is no sand at all it gets tough. Dropping the trail shoulder or raising your lead shoulder promotes a sweeping action at the bottom of your swing. The toe will dig in first. That shot is very lie dependent. Zephyr Melton is an assistant editor for where he spends his days blogging, producing and editing. Putter: Cobra Anvil 005 Find a practice green and set to work; this is not something you can learn on the course. However, exaggerating specific moves in an effort to reinforce new feels or ingrain new habits will help you achieve your desired results more effectively and efficiently. Bunker shots are hard to practice at home because there wont be too much that feels like the sand on the course. On the other hand, hard sand will cause your club to bounce off the top you probably wont be able to get down deep into the bunker with your swing. If youre one of those players who has a wildly inconsistent divot pattern (sometimes deep, other times shallow, sometimes no divot, others have proper width, others have little width), youre going to produce proportionately inconsistent results. Easy to have club bounce off sand and skull ball way over green or into lip of bunker, been there done that . Lots of bunkers like this in Arizona. I use a 58 with low loft and do exactly this. Hit The Sand Hard. Instead of allowing your mind to jump to Oh boy, now Im going to make triple and have to play my next 8 holes in 1 over just to shoot 79, ask yourself one simple question: Where in the fairway should I put this ball in order to attack the flag?. Driver: Titleist 910 D2 9.75* Diamana Kai'li 65 Mid S If youve performed all of the above and youre still struggling, you can always strengthen your lead hand on the golf club. Low bounce 58 or 60, square face, I'm not going to disagree with anyone here since this is just based on my personal experience, but i've never seen anyone do anything with a more square or even shut face in a bunker that didn't end i, I get a lot of these at courses I play where the sand is really compacted or almost no-existent. embedded in the sand directly under the front lip, you can now (as SG said, since 2019) take it out of the bunker for a 2 shot penalty, "back-on-the-line" - dropping in a relief area outside the bunker keeping the spot where the ball was directly between the flag and where your relief point is. If a course has the staff and equipment needed to regularly care for the bunkers, the sand will usually be soft. When the sand is hard, however, it doesn't really work at all the explosion shot really isn't an option. I know in the past, I tried a chipping motion, and it worked pretty well on hard sand. "Then I have the M-grind which has the toe, trailing . In this article, I will focus on one simple and cost-effective way to get faster swingsspeed . Your link has been automatically embedded. In fact, you will typically want to avoid doing this on a fairway bunker. The swing does not need to be long, and there will still be a body turn; just try to feel the club on more of an upright plane. In an effort to bump and drop on the downswing, they end up sliding with their bodies and throwing the golf club with their arms and hands on the downswing. I tried my hardest, gave it my all, remarked Koepka. Lateral movement is a form of energy transfer that takes place during the swing to create club-head speed and distance. Check out Proud 90 GolfCode: Darin (15% off) You want to take less sand than usual when it's wet. If youre a fairly experienced player and your grip is fairly neutral/comfortable, strengthening your grip may be uncomfortable and not in your best interest. But when you need it you can execute a different kind of shot with the shaft more upright which "reveals" the bounce to the ground and prevents the club from digging. . What this does is, it exposes the flange on the bottom of the club. Like Sean said. Instead of trying to address the mechanical or technical aspects of your swing/stroke/game, commit to a mental change. Tip #1: Move the ball slightly back towards the center of your stance. Definitely takes skill as these are tougher shots specially when you're not used to them. One of my favorite swing thoughts in a bunker is to finish high. Also, a very high percentage of mid-to-high handicappers hit weaker fades or even nasty slices. I treat it like a chip from a really tight lie. On the golf course, especially under tournament conditions, you want to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Works every time. Or is it drier and finer? Like Tiger (albeit with far less speed, less athleticism, and to a far greater degree), their body outraces their arms and hands on the downswing in an effort to hit at the golf ball as opposed to swinging THRU the golf ball. With the driver, were supposed to set up to the golf ball so that its positioned slightly inside our lead heel. I hit it like a bunker shot. Step 6: Use plenty of speed and keep your clubface open. I dont notice any difference on full swings. Feel your core stretching or working as you get your upper body more over the ball. Learn the basics, so you don't fear the sand, and adjust your expectations. At some level, golfers are best served by practicing acceptance during the most unacceptable of moments. How do we do that? 50/54/60 Cleveland RTX6 Zipcore DG Spinner. Paste as plain text instead, Clear editor. When you open that up, now it's going to glide through the sand. A 2019 rule change allows you to take a two shot penalty and drop the ball out the back of the bunker. Titleist Vokey SM8 Raw 52-08F/56-10S/60-04L PX 6.5/6.0/6.0 Secondly your wedge is equipped with an angle called the bounce. Padraig Harrington's latest backyard lesson backfired in hilarious fashion. Most of the time, golfers overthink bunker shots. From there, make an aggressive swing and the ball will come out high and soft. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'Wo1N74xKSWJZXMbr8eyMxA',sig:'rjBNqi7szWMQog3o2b637JNIDzwiQSjrPar_ql7zHHI=',w:'594px',h:'395px',items:'477241188',caption: true ,tld:'com',is360: false })}); Im saying that achieving more consistently solid contact and ball flight for most average golfers requires less lateral upper body movement on the downswing. Either experiment with square face or lower hands. Its possible to hit good shots in both situations, but youll need to use the right method to make that happen. We don't want the club to dig, but we also don't want to blade our chips. As managing producer for, Cunningham edits, writes and publishes stories on, and manages the brands e-newsletters, which reach more than 1.4 million subscribers each month. MEMBER REVIEWS: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! Knowing how to hit out of a bunker is important. When chipping near the green Im thinking mostly about how much I want the ball to roll out, but if the lie is really tight Ill go with the lower bounce wedge. 95% of golfers are making bunker shots way more difficult, because they're not doing THIS!Make this simple change and see how easy it is, to not only get out. When this clubface opens, it is essential to turn your feet open so that your clubface lines up with the hole again. You dont need to transfer quite as much of your weight back to your right side on this shot. Typically, you want a sand wedge (56 degrees) or higher. REVIEW: Can These Socks Improve Your Golf Game? This is a good idea as it will help give you some stability and control as you swing through your shot. Make bunker practice a regular part of your routine and you should gradually gain confidence and see improved results. A little steeper to drive down, smooth that tempo, you do not need a lot of speed. Now, as many of you are probably wondering, how should I apply these principles to my own golf swing? Itll give you some definition and structure in how you approach your weekly rounds and practice routines. In other words, a bad round can quickly follow a good round and vice versa. Square the clubface to hit a better shot out of a bunker with hard sand. It doesnt matter if that personal goal happens to be winning your weekend match, winning the club championship, breaking 80, or qualifying for the US Open. Slow Swing Speed. For most sand shots you face you want to play the ball off your front foot. How do they differ when hitting from the fairway? Maintenance. Once you feel confident, it will change how you view the entire golf course. 2 pros found out, The shocking revelation Padraig Harrington had about his game. A lot of golfers like to give themselves putts inside five feet, take the timely mulligan, or hit their third shot from their buddys ball after pumping their tee ball OB. Turn your brain off and fire your arms and hands thru the hitting area. This also works perfectly for buried lies. As those bunkers dry out, the conditions will gradually soften. First, dig in: twist your feet into the sand. Top 100 Courses in the U.S.: GOLFs all-new 2022-23 ranking is here! Special Select Squareback 2 w/ SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0. Michael Breed, host of 'The Golf Fix,' improves your sand game, with tips on bunker shots with little sand. Most of the rest of the week went like that: just one hit during the day, although I knew many fish were swimming by, and were curiously following my lures right to the beach, over and over. With the tournaments result still hanging in the balance, players are fully aware that they must avoid the pond that runs along the left-hand side of the greens surface in order to remain in contention. On the downswing, aim for a spot about an inch or two behind the ball in the sand. My friends and I do this when we play matches against each other. Giving lessons, I often witness the same these inconsistencies among my students. When you're trying to escape the bunker, the key is to focus on throwing sand. Trust in the bounce on your wedge and the mechanics of your bunker swing to get the ball headed toward the target. If thats you, thats perfectly fine! The big fat sole resists entering the sand and skims the surface which means the ball flies unpredictably, to your dismay. A full swing is completely counter-productive when trying to hit a low golf shot. Get into your stance with the ball way forwardopposite the heel of your front foot. We must hit behind the ball in the bunker and launch some sand up into the air. Lately, theres been a lot of buzz surrounding the use of distinctively unique swing rehearsals. 2I: TourModel III True Temper S For this reason I like having different bounces on the two highest-lofted wedges in my bag. A sand wedge is a smart investment in your golf game, one that is worth making. Most amateurs swing the club into the sand, and when they feel the resistance, they quit on the shot. Keep in mind that grip changes are awkward and take time to get used to. As I alluded to earlier, the best form of practice comes through experience. It also helps the better players get the ball up higher, and is easier . But Paddys latest lesson isnt about learning bunker basics (which hes covered before). Hackinator, May 24, 2022 in Instruction & Academy. (@scratchgolftips) on Instagram: "Here's a great look at Tiger practicing hitting bunker shots before a round in 2020. Here are five tips for playing from the sand. Some of you with over active trail arms might want to try as you come into impact squeeze the pinky and index fingers on the lead hand to stop the momentum. A basic chip shot will work very well from the wet and compressed sand, due to two things. I have never heard of that rule. 4. Low bounce 58 or 60, square face, hit 1/2" behind the ball. Also, check your trail foot. "We'll also try the S-grind which is one of our popular grinds. Play the ball a bit forward in your stance and then aim a bit to the left of your target. Is the sand packed and wet? You would only have your stance and clubhead quite as open in a bunker if there was a very high lip in front of you. 11 in the world. Our guide featuring how to hit a bunker shot will give you a step-by-step method that is guaranteed to get you out of a bunker (the first time!). After becoming a Class A PGA Professional, teaching professional, and golf membership director, she decided a career in golf writing was the perfect fit. If your lead foot isnt open enough, this may discourage you from delivering the clubhead into the ball so that it produces a draw. For many amateurs, sand traps and bunkers are intimidating and present a true challenge. Continue to use it. He can be reached at Use a sand wedge; Grip down on the club slightly, Open the clubface, Open your stance, Position the ball slightly forward in your stance; Widen your stance; Dig your feet in Now, lets talk about how you can alter that technique to find success in hard bunkers. Particularly when it's on the firm side. I treat hard sand mostly the same as soft sand, I simply get a little more weight forward and get steeper and a little faster while trying to hit slightly closer to the ball, otherwise the club face is still open and i'm still using tons of bounce. To do this, turn the toe of the club away from the ball. 4. Keep a sand or gap wedge square at address. Heres the easiest way to stay behind the ball more effectively with your upper body: FEEL as if your hands and arms are outracing your upper body on the downswing. Harrington begins by explaining that there are two distinctly different ways to play shots from bunkers with a lot of sand and ones with very little sand. Now that youve evaluated what the condition of the sand is, you need to set the clubface. Also, its a lot of information to mull over regarding the why as it relates to Tigers drill. You can hit with a square face and shaft lean, effectively "scraping" the surface of the hard sand a la @Nels55. If youre able, find any wall and stand flush up against it just as would in an effort to measure your own height. A more powerful punch is often made visible in ones more draw-biased ball flight. Viewers and amateurs alike are always looking for ways to get inside the minds of professional golfers. Line your club up slightly right of the target with an open face. By moving the ball back, we are giving ourselves less room to hit behind the ball, which is ideal in this situation. Golfers tend to have fewer issues with fairway bunkers than greenside bunkers. Prior to joining the team at GOLF, he attended the University of Texas followed by stops with the Texas Golf Association, Team USA, the Green Bay Packers and the PGA Tour. USGA and R&A announce proposal to limit golf ball performance for elite level competition, Quick SaleToulonTSR2 152 Ball OGStroke Lab, Cobra 2020 Forged Tec One Length irons & LAB Link.1 putter, Ventus TR Blue 6S Velocore Driver Shaft (Ping Adapter) , Phantom X 11 weld neck, Scotty shaft, Scotty grips. If you think youre going to make it, youll make it. Download our instruction app from iTunes or . We must hit behind the ball in the bunker and launch some sand up into the air. Im not saying you should use the ground as if its a trampoline. However, those are the rounds that we learn the most from. My 588 has a low bounce and a sharp leading edge for cutting into compacted sand. If that doesnt do the trick, evaluate how level your shoulders are in relation to one another. The more willing you are to put it all on the line, the more youll accomplish in the long run. Make a hard swing with an open face and you will start to see results like the bunker shots you have seen professional golfers hit on TV. TRAVEL: Horseshoe Bay Announces Spring Break Events & Activities, TRAVEL: Keswick Hall (VA) Offers Top-Tier Private Club Experience. Low bounce 58 or 60, square face, hit 1/2 behind the ball. Join InsideGOLF for only $20 - includes instant $20 Fairway Jockey credit! When it is firmer or there is less sand in the bunker than normal, use a low bounce wedge, maybe even pitching wedge, and play it square. He assists on all things instruction and covers amateur and womens golf. Now that you are eager to head out to the practice bunker to work on your game, here are a few last things to consider and think about. After hitting my shot out of the bunker on the first try, I might add McLachlin reassured me that the main reason was due to my setup and my . 3-PW: Mizuno MP 60 True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 S If you hit the ball first in the bunker, expect your shot to fly over the green. NEW Titleist TSR Hybrid Our Best Golf Club Fitting Yet? Failure sucks, and pressure is virtually unavoidable once were willing to accept the terms of our individual goals. At the same time, you should feel your backside/thigh muscles being engaged. Also, examine where your toes are pointed at the setup., Who Makes Adams Golf Clubs? Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY by this Course! The lob wedge is a bit more open, to begin with, and can make it easier if the bunker has a high lip in the front of it. Pro who taught me this technique had me hitting flops off of a wooden board with my 56 wedge with 14 degrees of bounce. At this point, you should have a clear picture of how youll want to approach greenside bunker shots when the sand is soft. Squaring up the club face and trying to get the club to dig just seems like a recipe for inconsistency. The ball should explode out of the bunker with the sand you hit and settle safely on the green. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'SXrXsUnLS2Bd_fkY7wkv0g',sig:'RhOO0SFXizoxEkh3-6II-0Prmj41tcPnIiQhy4fST4A=',w:'509px',h:'339px',items:'1398778760',caption: true ,tld:'com',is360: false })}); Focus solely on your intent and not what you hope doesnt happen as you watch your ball fly through the air. Ping G430 driver - Loft above advertised? Mainly, his objective in performing this move is to feel his core/chest area covering the golf ball more prominently on the downswing. Opening the face and exposing the bounce just skips the club into the ball. Hovlands lucky shirt While there are no shortcuts in this game, there are ways to practice and play smarter. Combine that with the fact that every kind of sand is different, and you have a recipe for a difficult up-and-down. If this is you, crack that beer and accept that you can birdie the next hole rather than hopping aboard the bogey train. So, grab your sand wedge and stick your . He also moved to No. Try a wedge with much less bounce, maybe the 50*. Here's why, How a popular green-reading method helped launch this young pro into contention in Mexico, This chipping drill will help you get up-and-down from anywhere, This is 2022's most-read ballstriking tip, Why Padraig Harrington 'strongly believes' LIV commits should be allowed in majors, 'You've got to stick to it': Padraig Harrington is disappointed in Henrik Stenson's Ryder Cup captaincy void, 'The more the merrier': Padraig Harrington welcomes the competition from LIV Golf, 'A bit of rivalry won't do us any harm at all': Padraig Harrington weighs in on LIV Golf defectors, Major champion reveals one of the biggest mistakes amateurs make in bunkers, Padraig Harrington Q&A: Why 'funky swings' work better in pro golf, When can and cant you replace damaged gear under the rules? Tiger Woods Downswing Rehearsal: What Exactly is he Doing? If the ball doesn't get out, you are going to waste at least one stroke - and probably more. Finau's sixth career PGA Tour victory was worth $1,386,000. I hope to never need to use that one, but you never know. But setup the same for everything, except put a little more weight forward. Opening the clubface in this scenario would increase bounce and cause you to top or knife your shot over the green, so you have to keep it square. All golfers should know how to hit bunker shots, so lets break it down into simple steps. I get it, the initial wave of depression that hits after we fail to reach one of our goals really sucks. Learn where to impact the sand to hit different golf shots.Like my shirt? I have also chipped when the lip is low and the shot allows it. ^^^^^ This x 100. As is tradition on Sundays at the Masters, the back left hole location on the par 3 16th hole presents players the opportunity to use the slope located in the middle of the green in order to feed the ball closer to the hole. Depending on your course and previous shot, your lie could be on an incline or a decline. The greens may be faster, the rough may be longer, the pace of play might be slower, and your adrenaline may be through the roof. CBS commentator, Trevor Immelmann, referred to Brookss game in the final round as being just a touch off. In this game, everything can take a turn for the worst after one bad swing, one change in momentum, or one unlucky break. You should also dig your feet into the sand to make sure your base is set. Understanding Your Golf Swings Life Cycle. If the intention is to still keep sand between the club and ball like a normal bunker shot then you need the club moving quickly and smoothly through the sand. For more great instruction like this, watch Best Lessons Ever Wednesdays at 7 p.m. A weak grip doesn't mean you hold the club with less pressure, but it actually refers to the release of the hinge in your wrists. When hitting a greenside bunker shot, it can help to put a little extra weight on the left side. One of the most critical factors of hitting out of the bunker is to ensure that you take some sand with your golf shot. TaylormadeSIM 10.5*VentusTR Blue6TXTaylormadeSIM Ti 16.5*Ventus Blue 7TX||TaylormadeStealth+16.5*Kuro Kage DCXM Prototype 80TXCallaway Apex UW19*Diamana S+ 100TX||Taylormade P790 Black19*Graphite DesignAD-IZ95x HybridCallaway X-Forged UT 22*Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0BridgestoneJ40 DPC 4i-7i24*- 35*Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0Bridgestone J40 CB8i-PW39*- 48*Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0Taylormade Milled Grind Raw54*Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0VokeySM658*Oil CanLowBounceK-GrindBrunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0Scotty Cameron Newport Tour Red Dot|| Taylormade Spider X Navy Slant. Would be problematic to pop this out high though. Low expectations, just get it out and putt twice -> go next hole. Tigers drill above, on the other hand, looks to mitigate lateral (side-to-side) movement by replacing it with vertical (up and down) movement. Many sand wedges have massive bounce soles which are exactly what you do NOT need in a hard packed bunker. He pounded his high, piercing cut dead down the middle of the fairway and made a lot of big putts inside ten feet. Rather than opting to hang his head after a gut punch on the first hole of the tournament, Rahm offered us a glimpse into the mind of a champion by making an eagle on his very next hole. We hope that our comprehensive guide on how to hit a bunker shot has helped you feel a bit more confident in your abilities. "You take your spine, [and] it's not comfortable, but you put it . Im more of a shallow swinger, and I constantly have to remind myself in a bunker that the club needs to come a bit more upright to get the ball out of the trap. About 4-6 inches. These shots need loft. To clarify, an important aspect of a draw-biased setup involves positioning your trail shoulder lower in relation to your lead shoulder. Have you ever hit a ball in the bunker and got excited about the shot you would get to hit next? Most of the time in golf, we want to hit the ball first and then take a bit of grass with us. I used to struggle with these types of bunkers until an old guy I play with told me to keep the face square and let the wedge do the work. Here are 7 at-home drills from Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington, Padraig Harringtons latest backyard lesson backfired in hilarious fashion, Padraig Harrington reveals the 3 surprising swing keys you need to break 80, Try this drill from Padraig Harrington for more consistent chipping, 7 golf equipment tips that can help beginners improve right now, How to develop the perfect pre-shot routine, according to two of golfs best instructors, Perfect your impact position with this clever swing drill, This pro is chipping one-handed in competition. If it came in hot, drop it from shoulder height. I always move a ball out of a footprint, rake it and try and drop it as I think it landed in the bunker. I get a lot of these at courses I play where the sand is really compacted or almost no-existent. Like Rahm, Koepka is willing to put the bad golf behind him. For a typical sand shot where the sand is dry and a bit fluffy, the bounce helps the club slide under the ball at a predictable depth in the sand and come out the other side. If you want to turn it over more with the big stick, start by checking your ball position. Achieving a more-neutral ball flight involves learning how to produce the mirror image of your preferred miss. 3H: Titleist 910H 19 * Diamana Kai'li 80HYB Mid R How to Hit the Draw Shot: Golfs Secret Weapon for Mastering Difficult Courses. Despite entering the final round of the Masters with a two-shot advantage over his playing partner, Spaniard Jon Rahm, Brooks failed to capture his first green jacket and struggled in virtually all facets of his game, as was evident in his final round score of 3 over par, 75. You can post now and register later. Square the clubface to hit a better shot out of a bunker with hard sand (or if there's not much sand in the bunker). In the bunker, try to hit the sand first and slide your club under the ball completely. You want the leading edge to dig a bit. The bounce on a wedge is arced across the sole so you can open up the face and bring more of the bounce into play. Also, when you head to a new course for a round, spend some time before the round visiting the practice bunker (if they have one available). 100plus. How do we do that? One of the most critical factors of hitting out of the bunker is to ensure that you take some sand with your golf shot. Get your weight into your trail foot during the backswing, back into your lead foot on the downswing before striking the ball and ultimately finishing with the clubs shaft wrapped around your shoulders as part of a proper, balanced finish. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'3nx5qjsHRYBYRMIsCHNlTg',sig:'TcY-OVpYXOnkjkeDBbcTHqFKb7PLkyPEfyuD42zHOkY=',w:'594px',h:'396px',items:'1481056353',caption: true ,tld:'com',is360: false })}); Whether youre trying to rebound from that awful four-putt or attempting to identify the cause of your horrible round, do your best to not overreact. Have you considered your penalty options? Once you understand that you need the club to dig to get the same contact as a normal bunker shot it gets much easier. The lob wedge has more loft - at around 60 - and usually features less bounce than what would be present on a typical sand wedge ().The higher loft will help send the ball on a higher ball flight and the less pronounced bounce will prevent the club from skipping atop the surface of . You want a wide stance when in the sand for better balance. If might get stuck in the bunker lip if it is high enough or the rough next to the lip if it hits in there. Keep in mind that the digging in of your feet helps with greenside bunkers, but it is not necessary with fairway bunkers. There's some amount of bounce on every modern wedge and iron. Key is you don't have to hit it hard. Pay attention to what you feel in the balls of your feet. Just to expand on that a bit, you can ALWAYS use stroke-and-distance for a 1 shot penalty, no matter where the ball is. One of the best things to do when overthinking your golf swing is to come up with a simple tip, swing thought, or trick to help you get out of the sand trap. capital commitment disclosure frs 102,
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