Application form DS-11 completed but not signed until you are requested to do so by a Consular Officer., Me heading back to Africa cuz World War 3 is trending, YURRRRR all the niggas get on we going back to Africa, Kayla Waldron (@kkluvsfood) January 3, 2020, Me seeing everyone panicking over world war 3 after Ive booked my ticket back to Africa, aaliyah (@aaliyah_dasilva) January 3, 2020. Reese, who owns a public relations agency in Cincinnati, heard about the deal from her close friend and business partner, who is from Ghana. } googletag.defineSlot('/1015136/MPU2_300x250', [300, 250], 'div-gpt-ad-1319640445841-4').setCollapseEmptyDiv(true).addService(googletag.pubads()); The rise and violent demise of pro-Russian war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, Ukraine live briefing: Russia blames Ukraine for drone attack on Crimea fuel depot, Britons asked to swear oath to Charles III from couch, a royal first. We'll help you build a life here. The estimated monthly living costs for a family of four in the capital city of Accra, Ghana, was $1,698 without rent in August 2022. Martin Luther King traveled to Ghana to celebrate its defeat of colonization, and Malcolm X and Maya Angelou worked in Ghana during the presidency of Kwame Nkrumah. Jan. 2020 (Under threat of war) Black folk: What time that plane pulling out? For a single person, the monthly cost of living was $471.77. Requirements for applying for Ghanaian citizenship are as follows: -To be 18 years or older -To have resided in Ghana for at least 12 months before applying -To have lived in Ghana continuously for 5 years or more within the last seven years to the date of application -To be able to speak a Ghanaian language fluently (@_nathanbethel_) January 3, 2020. PHOTOCOPY OF GHANAIAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE, 3. THE EMBASSY THEN FORWARDS THE CERTIFICATES AND IDENTIFICATION CARDS TO APPLICANTS UPON RECEIPT. The effort to get private citizens out of Sudan by countries around the globe continues, by military airlift, ship and over land. Six (6) months after report on due diligence has been submitted by the Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Police Service: 191 You do not have to stay where you are not wanted forever, you have a choice and Africa is waiting for you., More:In Ghana's Year of Return, NAACP goes home on behalf of the ancestors. They did this to promote respect, protection and fulfillment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of people of African descent.. But thousands of Americans remain as violence escalates between Sudan's two warring factions. Ghana has a message for African Americans in the wake of George Floyd's death: "Africa is your home." Officials in Ghana's capital Accra are inviting Americans to live and invest in . Minister, Ministry of the Interior, P.O. A bus convoy carrying about 300 people was the first U.S.-organized evacuation effort of Americans other than diplomats since fighting broke out nearly two weeks ago in the northeast African nation. He founded the Black Star Line to help blacks return to Africa, which is the origin of the black star on the Ghanaian flag and for name of the national football team. +(233) 299 01 53 52 To double down on its pitch to Black Americans, Ghana unveiled for this yeara program called "Beyond the Return." Additionally, you will need four passport-sized photos with white background. Du Bois (1868-1963), who settled in Ghana in the last years of his life and is buried in the capital, Accra.Since then, other African Americans who are descended from slaves imported from areas within the present-day jurisdiction of Ghana and neighboring states have . var googletag = googletag || {}; As part of Ghana Beyond Aid, the president announced the launch of "Beyond the Return:The Diaspora Dividend, a multi-million dollar fund to attract investment from members of the African diaspora. Beyond the Year of Return. Halevi, member of the original Year of Return Committee who was recently asked to serve on the Beyond the Return committee tells USA TODAYthe only issue involving land that he knows of is onetribal chief who has offered land for free, but requires a registration feefor potential participants. For example, the value of French foreign direct investments in Ghana in 2017 was $10.5 million for a total stock amounting to $1.7 billion, and China will have begun work on $2 billion worth of infrastructure construction in Ghana. } Dubois died in Ghana as a Ghanaian national and today, there is the W.E.B. Polly craves the rooftops, the ocean, the pineapples she swears are uniquely tasty, the relaxation she rarely finds in the United States. googletag.enableServices(); This was only 2.1 percent of Ghanas GDP of $59 billion in 2017. Application letter addressed to the Hon. They are allowed to keep both nationalities until they come of age at 21. A Ghanaian who loses their citizenship through the acquisitions of another may re-acquire their citizenship once they renounce the citizenship of the other country. googletag.defineSlot('/1015136/MPU4_300x250', [300, 250], 'div-gpt-ad-1319640445841-8').setCollapseEmptyDiv(true).addService(googletag.pubads()); The coronavirus is jeopardizing a very, very finite workforce: Africas doctors and nurses. This options deals with an individual request to become a Ghanaian citizen: applicants are not necessarily married or linked personally to the population. Im scouring my house, purging it, throwing everything away, she said. Here is a look at the evacuation efforts announced by countries and international organizations: The United States evacuated under 100 people, mostly embassy staff, from Khartoum early on Sunday . Requirements for applying for Ghanaian citizenship are as follows: -To have resided in Ghana for at least 12 months before applying, -To have lived in Ghana continuously for 5 years or more within the last seven years to the date of application, -To be able to speak a Ghanaian language fluently, -To be able to make a contribution to the progress or advancement of Ghana, -To have intent to reside in Ghana permanently. }); googletag.pubads().setTargeting("Language", "en"); Do I want to have the feeling of being free and excited and curious? Polly said. googletag.defineSlot('/1015136/Ribbon_990x45_NoAdsense', [990, 45], 'div-gpt-ad-1319640445841-2').setCollapseEmptyDiv(true).addService(googletag.pubads()); You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or electronic newspaper replica here. Latin America Studies Program, Religion and Foreign Policy Webinar: Religion and Technology, Virtual Event Accra-Ghana, Front Desk: In accordance with the Citizenship Act of 2002 (Act 591), Ghanaians who have acquired US Citizenship, are eligible to apply for dual citizenship. The Ohio mother of five says she doesnt feel safe in the United States. These countries offer dual citizenship programs with a few conditions which can generally be met easily if you want. Applicants under 18. Well help you build a life here. According to Akufo-Addo, Ghana does not need foreign aid; instead, it needs the African diaspora to return, build, and invest. This means you are both a citizen of Ghana and of your home country. How old is America? (Toll free for all Networks), THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES OF PERSONS ARE EXEMPT FROM ENTRY VISA REQUIREMENTS TO GHANA: Citizens from the below-listed ECOWAS Member States by virtue of The Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, the Right of Residence and Establishment . googletag.pubads().enableSingleRequest(); The government has negotiated with local chiefs to earmark 500 acres of land near the nations center for newcomers, carving out enough space for about 1,500 families. The headlines have exhausted Khadijah Polly, 38, who owns a popcorn company in Houston. googletag.defineSlot('/1015136/Sponsorship_200x50_NoAdsense', [200, 50], 'div-gpt-ad-1319640445841-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); The government has urged people to stop calling them foreigners. PHOTOCOPY OF NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATE. document.getElementById('thankyou').className='msg hidden'; +(233) 302 66 26 88 (A previous marketing campaign cast the Americans as brothers and sisters.). In the city center, the average monthly rent was around $834 for a one-bedroom apartment or $2,012 for a three-bedroom apartment. Reese is torn between a two-story home with a generous veranda and something more original: a circular model meant to blend with the forest. Maybe she didnt have to work twice as hard as her white peers to advance in Ghana. NAMES, ADDRESSES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS OF TWO RELATIVES RESIDENT IN GHANA TO BE CONTACTED BY GHANA IMMIGRATION SERVICE. Are you on Telegram? The effort grew out of a public campaign called the Year of Return, which attracted a record number of tourists to the West African country last year four centuries after the first slave ship reached Virginia and aims to convert visitors to residents with special land deals, expatriate guides and easier paths to citizenship. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? Global Climate Agreements: Successes and Failures, Backgrounder A citizen of age and capacity of any approved country may upon an application, and with the approval of the President be registered as a citizen of Ghana if he satisfies the Minister that; He/She has been resident throughout the period of five years or such shorter period as the Minister may in the special circumstances of any particular case accept, immediately before the application. entertainment, news presenter | 4.8K views, 28 likes, 13 loves, 80 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from GBN Grenada Broadcasting Network: GBN News 28th April 2023 Anchor: Kenroy Baptiste. ), Moreover, Ghana already attracts substantial investments from abroad. In 2019, Ghana saw nearly $1. Guidelines. var child = document.getElementById("recaptcha_error"); Martin Luther King Jr., one of his first guests, told his congregation that Nkrumah had urged them to come and help build the new nation. She can work anywhere with an Internet connection and has tucked away savings from her time in corporate America, where a manager once said her natural hair was inappropriate for the workplace. Africans in Africa and Africans in the Diaspora share common history, culture, and goals. In 2017, Ghana received $1.25 billionin official development assistance (ODA). Adult Passport Book Application Services for Applicants age 16 or over (including renewals) $50. Ghanas Year of Return initiative sought to not only carry on this relationship, but expand it. Allowing dual citizenship would provide a sense of ancestral identity for African-Americans. The holder of a second citizenship is required to register their second citizenship in Ghana and obtain a dual citizenship card and certificate. 2. by Certified Africa. else if (width < 768) { googletag.pubads().setTargeting("JLCountry", "Ghana"); } Ghana has granted citizenship to several African Americans and Afro Caribbeans as. Africa is your home." The history of African Americans in Ghana goes back to individuals such as American civil rights activist and writer W. E. B. Reese made a similar calculation in deciding to leave Ohio. He thought the independence of Ghana was meaningless without the total liberation of people of African descent everywhere in the world, said Kevin Gaines, a professor of civil rights and justice at the University of Virginia. Ghana is well-positioned to become less reliant on aid. NB: THE GHANAIAN PARENT MUST HAVE A VALID GHANAIAN PASSPORT FOR THE CHILD TO BE ELIGIBLE. Passport Book Security Surcharge (required for . The United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership (UNSDP) adopted his agenda as part of its plan for African development. subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or electronic newspaper replica here. Most weekdays. +(233) 299 01 59 34 TO OBTAIN THE FORM, ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE READ THE REQUIREMENTS AND ARE SURE OF YOUR ELIGIBILITY, THEN MAIL IN THE UNDERLISTED TO THE EMBASSY OF GHANA: 1. The second pillar, aimed squarely at potential emigres, "will see to the adoption of legal and policy frameworks on visa acquisition (e-visa) and the institution of a diaspora visa. Cubas authoritarian regime has failed to avert an economic crisis, repair decaying state institutions, and prevent the countrys largest outflow of migrants since the 1960s. Ghana has granted citizenship to several African Americans and Afro Caribbeans as part of the country beyond the return initiative to attract resettlement of Africa descendants. A foreign child of not more than 16 years of age may also acquire Ghanaian citizenship through adoption. W.E.B. We feel that given the wealth that African Americans and Black Americans have, given that spending power, travel budgets of Blacks in America, Akwasi Agyeman, CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority tells Black Enterprise. April 25, 2023 The process costs about $250 and requires an American passport, applicant's birth certificate, birth certificate of a parent and an affidavit of citizenship from a parent. Oteng-Gyasi's overture to Black Americans has been pointed, as noted by her comments in Accra in June at a ceremony honoringGeorge Floyd, whose death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer touched off weeks of protests in the U.S. Racism in America continues to be a deadly pandemic, for which for more than 400 years now, our brothers and sisters in the United States of America have yearned for a cure," she said. There are some gorgeous houses going up, she said. Vaginal Changes. "But they are certainly not free lands. It lists seven "pillars" of the program, including "progressive government transparent regulations" to encourage investment; developing pilgrimage infrastructurearound "sites of memory,"promoting tourism; and creating a sense of national consciousness anchored on key cultural festivals. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy, Interviews with writer Rashad McCrorey and Rabbi Kohain Halevi. Parker had never felt so trapped in the United States. This was to encourage African-Americans to return and reconnect with their roots after their ancestors were forced from their homeland some 400 years ago. She is also the founder ofNolafrique,an e-commerce platform that enables artisans in African villages to have global exposure and opportunities for scale up. Home Blogs Blogs, Hip Hop Morning Show, Hip Hop News, Power 106 News, What's New Ghana Is Giving FREE Citizenship to African Americans With Ghanian Descent. with Ivan Kanapathy, Bonny Lin and Stephen S. Roach Ghanas independence also gave momentum to the Pan African movement, which, among other things, encourages solidarity among all African diaspora ethnic groups to obtain political and economic power. Marcus Garvey, the famed Jamaican Pan-Africanist, advocated for the return of African Americans to Africa. Education To educate African-Americans about Ghanaians culture and norms. Ghana to black Americans: Come home. with Heidi Campbell and Paul Brandeis Raushenbush Unity To embrace Pan Africanism, broadly defined to strengthen interactions that mutually benefits all persons of African descent. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("Channel", "Visas"); This mode of acquisition of citizenship may apply to a non-Ghanaian spouse of a Ghanaian. Travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic havent chilled interest, said Maurice Cheetham, who runs a tour company in Accra. There are an estimated 1,500 African Americans who have so far moved to Ghana since the country launched its Year of Return campaign in 2019. It celebrated the resilience of African Americans and encouraged them to return to Africa, visit, apply for Ghanaian citizenship, and take advantage of investment opportunities. As soon as the borders open, Im out.. Now, #WWIII is trending and black Twitter is cutting UP, ever since hearing the news. with Heidi Campbell and Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, with Ivan Kanapathy, Bonny Lin and Stephen S. Roach, Ghana Looks to Long Relationship With African Americans for Investment, Nigeria Security Tracker Weekly Update: July 2531. Citizenship via registration mainly concerns people who have married a Ghanaian and settled a family in Ghana. Our fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook. Theyre making it very reasonable, very affordable., That she has never been to West Africa doesnt concern her. Then they have a year. googletag.defineSlot('/1015136/Billboard_970x250', [[970, 250], [728, 90]], 'div-gpt-ad-1319640445841-9').setCollapseEmptyDiv(true).addService(googletag.pubads()); ", Related:'I'm leaving and I'm just not coming back':Fed up with racism, Black Americans head overseas. +(233) 299 01 59 34 We have our arms wide open ready to welcome you home. by Lindsay Maizland The rule is rarely enforced, but LGBT activists in Ghana say it fuels discrimination and harassment. Only governmental position holders are not entitled to have dual-citizenship. +(233) 302 68 44 07, Public Affairs & Communication Unit: Religion and Foreign Policy Webinars, C.V. Starr & Co. Generally, land ownership is held by the local ethnic groups and as such will be very difficult for government to be engaged in such gestures in the first instance," he tells USA TODAY. Now shes sure: The country holds her future. | MERUELO MEDIA. You are also agreeing to our. It is possible to obtain Ghanaian citizenship other than by birth. Some view the arrivals as wealthy outsiders in a country where 30 percent of the population lives on less than $3.20 per day. A person may also acquire citizenship through naturalisation if residency conditions and other criteria are satisfied. The year 2019 marked four hundred years since the first enslaved people from West Africa arrived in the United States. Ghana is also the only country to provide people of African ancestry the legal right to stay in the country indefinitely through its Right to Abode law. if (width >= 1200) { One has to meet certain requirements in order to qualify for the Ghanaian nationality. Granted to a person to a person of African descent in the Diaspora. Ghana is your home. March 23, 2023 This initiative of the government of Ghana - along . adapted to the culture, able to speak and understand the language, and accept working conditions etc). Likewise,Rabbi Kohain Halevi, director of PANAFEST, a cultural and theatrical event that attempts to unite Africans on the continent and in the diasporaaround the issues raised by slavery, says he has never heard of any financial incentive being offered to African Americans or any members of the diasporato return to Ghana. The BBC reportedGhana attracted a number of celebrities in 2019, including model Naomi Campbell, actor Idris Elba, comedian Steve Harvey and American rapper Cardi B. ", Goodlet Owusu Ansah, a masters student in InternationalBusiness at the KwameNkrumah University of Scienceand Technologyand an author on researchintohospitality and tourism, explains that"Beyond the Return " a "safe-haven of a sort to entrepreneurial African diaspora whileseeking to economically stimulate the Ghanaian economy.". While the U.S. has said it won't conduct a large-scale military evacuation for Americans still in Sudan, it is considering how Navy ships or establishing an increased State . This is not the first time Ghana has given citizenship to diasporan Africans who have established residency. Ghanaian citizenship can be obtained by birth, naturalisation, registration and adoption. This was to encourage African-Americans to return and reconnect with their roots after their ancestors were forced from their homeland some 400 years ago. Annual Lecture on China. However, its 63 years old. Back in 2013 the United Nations officially declared that the years of 20152024 would be known as, the International Decade for People of African Descent. As the United States again confronts its history of racism, as outrage again erupts over police killings, leaders in Ghana say theyre rolling out the welcome mat for black Americans who want to get away from the turmoil. by Olivia Angelino, Thomas J. Bollyky, Elle Ruggiero and Isabella Turilli Kids around the world are out of school. She lacked professional opportunities and ended up helping Ghana develop its legal and constitutional infrastructure, said Gaines, who wrote a book about the period. The music publicist fell in love with Accra when she visited in 2018 and planned to return for two months this spring. Some of us are tired, Reese said. Attach Four (4) Passports Sized photographs with white background. A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED AND TRACKABLE RETURN ENVELOPE. Her mind has lately strayed to Ghana, where one trip turned into a three-year visas worth of regular visits. Now I know what you may be thinking? googletag.cmd = googletag.cmd || []; Minister Outreach has ramped up since the killing of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police, which set off protests worldwide including in Ghanas capital, Accra. "Although, the Rights of Abode bill was birthed in 2000, where Ghanaian citizenship was open to those who have the need for it, there is no proclamation to support monetary and land handouts, and Beyond the Return has not changed this either," he says. An application letter addressed to the Minister for the interior applying for Right of Abode. Shed rather focus on floor plans some 6,000 miles away. Global Health Program, Why the Situation in Cuba Is Deteriorating, In Brief Please contact us on our website. Ghana is a very peaceful country, she said. Instead, Ghana, through improvement in its financial regulations, and by offering help with visas, citizenship and work permits,is looking for potential immigrants to invest in Ghana. We felt that its about time that we start that conversation that, instead of moving to any other destination, come back to where you came from.. In one of his last acts in office, former president John Mahama witnessed a. The Rev. Use this affiliate link for your purchases at #MIZIZI International - our channel -PayPal: newafricachannel(at)outlook.comFollow us on Instagram - us on Twitter - us on Facebook - presentation contains images that were used under the Fair Use Policy and Creative Commons License.For copyright matters relating to this video or channel, please contact us directly, and we'll remove any video on request: newafricachannel(at) #AfricaNews #TopAfricaNews #News #NewsAfrica #AfricaNews +(233) 302 68 44 21 However, the process of securing it is not always easy. One may be deprived of Ghanaian citizenship which is acquired by means other than birth, where the activities of the individual is inimical to the security of the state, or prejudicial to the public good, or the citizenship was obtained through fraud or misrepresentation. Ghana Is Giving FREE Citizenship to African Americans With Ghanian Descent, Alex Vaughn Talks About Putting Her Journal Out For The World To Listen To, Ben Benito Affleck Discusses New Air Film and his Love for Latino Culture. NB: Applicant should reside in the country for at least Five (5) years, Eight (8) Months (Upon receipt of duly completed forms), Ghana Police Service: 191 A COPY OF YOUR IDENTIFICATION CARD BEARING THE NAME YOU WISH TO APPEAR ON THE CERTIFICATE. About President Trump retweeting a video that featured a supporter yelling, White power!. In accordance with the Citizenship Act of 2002 (Act 591), Ghanaians who have acquired US Citizenship, are eligible to apply for dual citizenship. We want to teach our kids our true history.. How Trumps tweets and Cardi B are making more Americans move to Ghana, We want to remind our kin over there that there is a place you can escape to, said Akwasi Agyeman, chief executive of the Ghana Tourism Authority. For this option, applicants have to prove that they have been supporting or can support local economic activities and bring considerable contributions to any national sector. A dual citizen cannot hold or be appointed to several public offices. Shes studying one of the local dialects, Twi, and mulling dual citizenship. Her former husband is Nigerian. Accra, Ghana In 1961, 93-year-old Black scholar and historian W.E.B. People are angry about Floyd and others who met violent ends at the hands of law enforcement. All rights reserved. To support the integration of African Americans into Ghana culture and society.
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